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At the United States Grand Prix, a break-taking, gripping race, Lewis Hamilton clinched the race and won his 3rd World Championship in his racing career. It was between him and his teammate N. Roseberg, who made a mistake in the last ten laps to let Hamilton overtake first position and win the race. This was his 10th victory of the 2015 racing year, which is a great achievement in itself.

Hamilton is now joint with 3 World Championship titles, with the likes of the famous Nelson Piquest and Ayrton Senna; he now has to catch up to Sebastian Vettel who has 4 Wold Championship titles. The all time leading champion is the god of racing Michael Schumacher who has 7 Championship wins.

Hamilton was lost for words with Elton John interviewed him on his win, he thanks his fans and family for they continuous support throughout the year. The race was very close, where he [...]


As a fan of many different motorsports I love spending my hard earned money to watch the different events up and down the country. From Formula one and Moto GP, to stock car and rally events, I keep myself very busy attending these events with thousands of like minded people. In the UK we are lucky to have so many great events spread across the country. So why are so many people hooked on different forms of motorsports? just recently I met up with the petrol heads and we talked about writing a checklist for the readers on why we enjoy motorsports!

5 Points That Makes Motorsports Thrilling!
  • Speed – Almost all motorsports have one thing in common, going as fast as possible around a track or course. This inevitably leads to high speeds relative to the event. There is something about watching vehicles traveling at high speeds that is exciting and gives spectators [...]

Going to any Motorsport event is exciting! The hot dogs stalls that stand up, the fresh smell of doughnuts being cooks, ow and not forgetting the sweet smell of burning rubber! Who doesn’t enjoy a 5 litre V8 guzzling diesel and going 0-60mph in 1.1 seconds?

If you are going to a motorsport event for the first time is can be daunting, all those entrances, so many seats, different zones and sections, you could easily get lost. Not to worry, we at have the ultimate check list for you with the important points to remember when going to you first motorsport event, so get the tea out, get your digestive biscuits and have a good read.

Motorsport Checklist Tickets


Tickets are the most important point; do not forget your tickets! It may sound stupid but when [...]

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